Q. When I log into Axis 360 I can't see my check outs and holds! What happened to them?

I placed an item on hold, and I have three items checked out at Axis 360.  When I logged in today, all of my books were gone, and so was the hold.  What happened?  I've been waiting forever for that hold!


Although you log into Axis 360 using your library card number and a PIN, Axis 360 doesn't actually communicate with the library system to verify that information.  That means that, when you change your library card number or PIN in the library system, your information doesn't change at Axis 360.  If you try to log in with your old numbers (or you type your login information incorrectly) Axis 360 just prompts you to create a new account.  

The end result is that you have TWO accounts -- one of them has your materials checked out and on hold, the other doesn't.  

There are two solutions to this problem.  You can contact the San Jose Public Library so that we can merge your two accounts, or you can just use your old card number and PIN, and regard them as a username and password.  

If you do contact us about it, please provide your old library card number (if you still know it) and your new number.  We will also need your name and email address.  If you don't know your old number, it's ok -- we can search for you another way.  Having it makes it easier, though.



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